The Event:

When you’re a start-up company like Qwik-Keyz, it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity that can help gain awareness and visibility. This iPhone accessory is a keyboard for touchscreen smartphones, but as this time only available for the iPhone. With that said, I couldn’t think of a better fit than a TweetUp. This is sophomore year math people….social media + smartphone + fast typing = QwikKeyz!!

In Good Company:

I was organizing a TweetUp downtown Minneapolis for CRAVE Restaurant and needed several sponsors to donate gifts to giveaway for my Twitter trivia questions. I was giving away a prize/gift every 15 minutes to the attendees. We received gifts from about a dozen sponsors, including a couple t-shirts and gift certificates from QwikKeyz. It seemed quite fitting to have an iPhone accessory that enhances speed and accuracy in typing on the iPhone as one of the prizes. That really gets to the heart of a Twitter trivia contest. People read questions and have to type their answers and fast an accurately as possible. The gift of t-shirts and gift cards was received quite well. There were many prizes, but the grand prize was a night at the W-Hotel downtown Minneapolis. There was a great follow up blog post with pictures on the CRAVE blog about it.

(Notice the QwikKeyz T-shirt that she won)

The Team:

Throughout the process of creating and launching QwikKeyz, it has been really cool learning from the others in the group. We assembled a team that works quite well together. We rely on each other for quick, professional, high-end contribution to the project, which is exactly what everyone brought to the table. The real value-add is that we all possess necessary skills that the others don’t have. It just works. We all have our day jobs that obviously remain number 1 as a work priority, but it’s awesome participating in a project like this.


QwikKeyz has now finally officially launched on Kickstarter and we’re entering the second phase of the campaign. We’ve received quite a bit of backing right out of the box, but now need everyone’s help to bring this project to life. I see so many uses for this thing and think it’s got great potential, i.e. on other smartphones, tablets, etc. This is easily the most important accessory for any Blackberry user who is considering the switch to an iPhone, but fears of losing the keyboard. QwikKeyz quells these fears.

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