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Add a “touch” to texting...

Minimize “fat-finger” mistakes when typing and speed development of muscle memory through tactile experience using precisely placed touchpoints above the letters, characters, and numbers on a smartphone keyboard. This new accessory for iPhone® was developed with former Blackberry® users in mind!
Now available for the iPhone 5 and 4…

No need to apply extra pressure

qwik-keyz® simply guides your touch on a smartphone screen to provide quick accurate typing through the ultra thin and durable film "skin".
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Why choose Qwik-keyz?

  • Improved accuracy without applying extra pressure
  • Covers all aspects of the keyboard
  • Cool colors and alignment guides
  • Clear and smooth to the touch
  • Designed for use with the iPhone 5 and 4/4s
  • Speed development of muscle memory through tactile experience
  • Developed with former Blackberry® users in mind!
  • Patent Pending Screen Protection Technology.


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